April and Nathan Shields

We cannot thank you enough, from the very beginning of booking our wedding two years ago, the team have been on call.

I am a very organised and particular person and Samantha and Amanda supported me in all my questions, ideas, thoughts and so much more.

Me and my husband (still in my element saying that) was a little worried that we would have lots to do within the first week of us arriving as we only had 5 days from landing to our wedding day, as well as 70 guests to cater for.

Amanda and Tayfun were on call for all of our needs, all our little quirky added extras that we wanted were there without question and they fully supported us. Before the day of the wedding I genuinely thought Amanda would have had enough of me and my questions and plans but she was so supportive.

Mustafa who helped us with the visit to the registrar, the hospital (in Fetiyhe not anywhere else for those being advised differently) and meeting at the office was so accommodating, picking us up, taking us from place to place, and dropping us back off too. But it was the fact he went above and beyond in telling us all about the areas that we travelled too, the history of the country, and so much more! It was a pleasure spending the day with Mustafa and we could not thank him enough for such a genuinely interesting and fun day.

The wedding day….

well what can we say  it was absolutely magical from start to end.

Amanda, Tayfun and Mustafa were amazing throughout the day. Amanda was so organised and ensured that our day flown with such ease and grace, even ensuring that we was able to take time out just the two of us to take it all in and cherish every second, and even at one point in the day made the effort to take our 5 week old nephew from his parents to feed him so that they could enjoy their meal.

Amanda thank you from the bottom of our hearts, even after sacrificing your outfit to ensure I got on the heart you was incredible and we truly are grateful.

Tayfun was the boss behind the scenes and what a fantastic job he did, ensuring that the staff understood our needs through interpretation, making the effort to come to me and Nathan to ask us if there was anything we need and also supporting our guests with any requests or support that they needed.

After getting engaged at the blue lagoon back in 2022 our plans were to marry at home in Manchester, UK, and I speak for both my husband and I when I say we could not be happier that we didn’t!

Our wedding day was perfect from start to finish, from the journey to the venue, to the ceremony, the food, fire show, first dance, belly dancer, DJ and the beautiful venue and decor.

There’s only one thing I would warn people about…. you will want to do it over and over again because I know we do

Roll on the one year anniversary when we plan to return and have a big celebration all over again, thank you once again to Carole Tayfun for making our wedding day so memorable, magnificent and magical.

Kind Regards

Carly and Christopher Brown   30th May Green Pine Beach